5 Apps that will help me stay organized in 2015

In 2014 I was a slob. Don’t get me wrong, I got stuff done, but I feel I was way below my actual capabilities. This year, as I am sure everybody else out there thinks as well, will be so much better. Why? Because Apps!

I decided to bet on a low-tech/hi-tech combination for increased productivity in 2015. While I stocked up on Moleskine notebooks I also decided to load these nifty helpers onto my iPhone for the coming year:


Things Icon

I will use Things to track most of my daily tasks. All project related things will live in either Jira or Trello, depending on their complexity, but everyday chores and todos go into Things as soon as they cross my mind. We will see how that goes.

Habit List

Habit List Icon

I am a huge fan of building new habits. Habit List is a tool to apply the “Don’t break the chain” method developed by Jerry Seinfeld. I use it to track recurring things like working out, taking my vitamins, doing my weekly plannings, etc.

Day One

Day One Icon

After several short-lived periods of excessive Day One usage as part of my daily routine I try one final attempt to track achievements and other note-worthy things during the day. I have still high hopes I can combine it with Launch Center Pro somehow to streamline the daily journaling process.


Trello Icon

It’s been on my phone for a while, just like I have been using Trello for ages. Being a huge fan of Kanban boards it comes almost natural to use Trello to organize all smaller or not-so-technical projects with this instead of the mighty Jira. Sometimes Trello boards are even more fun when viewed as lists.

Withings Health Mate

Health Mate Icon

Last but not least I am wearing my digtial companion on my wrist and I use Health Mate as its interpreter. Ever since using my Jawbone I got intrigued by collecting quantified numbers documenting my behavior, but I feel I am growing a bit tired of it. Mostly for tracking weight I will be using the Health Mate and see if it is convincing enought to support me throughout the entire year.

These 5 are my starting team. From experience I am almost sure that these will not stay with me for an entire year. Let’s see how long they last and how useful they turn out to be.

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