13 songs to spice up your Halloween Playlist

This time it is all about the music. With Samhain coming up some folks are sure to be celebrating Halloween and they should do so with the appropriate tunes. Here are my suggestions for spicing up your 2014 playlist:

Tune #1: Halloween in Heaven by Type O’ Negative

Tune #2: Keep my grave open by Sentenced

Tune #3: Everyday is Halloween by Ministry

Tune #4: Welcome to my nightmare by Ronnie James Dio (Cover)

Tune #5: Halloween by King Diamond

Tune #6: Trick or Treat by Nekromantix

Tune #7: Halloween by Mastodon

Tune #8: Der Tanz der Schatten by Theatre of Tragedy

Tune #9: Tommyknockers by Blind Guardian

Tune #10: Die, die my darling by Samhain

Tune #11: Halloween by Helloween

Tune #12: In the woods by Ghost Brigade

Tune #13: The Original Halloween Theme by John Carpenter

Bonus Tunes: The amazingly creepy H.G. Francis Horror Pop Sounds from the 80s.

Happy Halloween!

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